June 20, 2024


Exercise makes you strong

Badminton Game – A Pleasure to Play

Badminton is a historical game packed with loads of fun and folly with intelligence quotient too required to win. Badminton apart from its heritage and history, it is also a game of fitness of all ages.

Badminton is a user-friendly game, in the sense that it can be played either in a small scale level indoors (courtyard of the house) or in large scale in badminton courts in clubs/ sports grounds etc. Let me pen down few uses of playing a badminton game.

Games can be categorized as mind games and body games. A mind game is mostly played indoor and does not have anything to do with the body. They improve intelligence of a person and teach them how to think. Whereas, body games give fitness and health to your body but do not have much to do with intelligence quotient. There are very few games which feed both your mind and body, out of which badminton secures a prominent place.

Badminton can be rightly defined as a game of Mind and Body!

Well, playing badminton burns your calories to a drastic level, which is right choice to lose weight in an interesting way. Hours of push-ups and make-outs in the gym may yield you temporary results which are a result of unnecessary cash flow. Without wastage of a single penny, the best way to lose weight is with the help of sports and badminton has got it right.

Losing weight not only means losing innumerable calories but also making your body fit and trim. The game of badminton has all potential to give you packed abs and strong muscles. Regular gaming can yield you good results.

Another important factor of the game of badminton is its versatility. Badminton does not have age limits. Anyone can play badminton. Playing it unofficially does not even need rules to follow. Just smashing the shuttle cork left and right will make a good game. This is not in the case of other games. You need to follow certain rules even in a kid game. Thus anyone can easily adapt to the game of badminton.

Moving on to the benefits of badminton to the mind, one should first understand the basic rules of this interesting game. Once you learn the rules and start to play, you will understand the intelligence involved in the game. A single move has to be taken with precautions and calculations that you don’t lose the game. In this way it helps nurturing your mind too!