December 8, 2023


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Here are 2022 high school football schedules for Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln counties

Don’t look now, but there are less than 50 days until the 2022 high school football season gets underway.

Here are team-by-team schedules for the 19 NCHSAA programs in Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln counties.

Kickoff for the 2022 campaign is set for Aug. 19, with the regular season concluding on Oct. 28. Postseason play begins Nov. 4, with NCHSAA state title games taking place Dec. 9 and 10.

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Team-by-team schedules

Games kickoff at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

* — Denotes conference game.


Aug. 19 at Concord

Aug. 26 T.C. Roberson

Sept. 2 at West Mecklenburg

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 at Crest*

Sept. 23 Forestview*

Sept. 30 at North Gaston*

Oct. 7 Stuart Cramer*

Oct. 14 South Point*

Oct. 21 at Kings Mountain*

Oct. 28 Hunter Huss*

Bessemer City

Aug. 19 Community School of Davidson

Aug. 26 Stuart Cramer

Sept. 2 at Pine Lake Prep

Sept. 9 at Christ the King

Sept. 16 Thomas Jefferson*

Sept. 23 at Highland Tech*

Sept. 30 at Burns*

Oct. 7 East Gaston*

Oct. 14 Shelby*

Oct. 21 Open

Oct. 28 Cherryville*

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Aug. 19 Forestview

Aug. 26 at Crest

Sept. 2 at Kings Mountain

Sept. 9 Watauga

Sept. 16 at Highland Tech*

Sept. 23 Open

Sept. 30 Bessemer City*

Oct. 7 at Thomas Jefferson*

Oct. 14 at East Gaston*

Oct. 21 Cherryville*

Oct. 28 Shelby*


Aug. 19 Avery County

Aug. 26 at West Lincoln

Sept. 2 at Blacksburg (SC)

Sept. 9 Chase

Sept. 16 Shelby*

Sept. 23 at East Gaston*

Sept. 30 Open

Oct. 7 Highland Tech*

Oct. 14 at Thomas Jefferson*

Oct. 21 at Burns*

Oct. 28 Bessemer City*


Aug. 19 at Freedom

Aug. 26 Burns

Sept. 2 Shelby

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 Ashbrook*

Sept. 23 at Stuart Cramer*

Sept. 30 at South Point*

Oct. 7 North Gaston*

Oct. 14 at Forestview*

Oct. 21 at Hunter Huss*

Oct. 28 Kings Mountain*

East Gaston

Aug. 19 North Gaston

Aug. 26 at South Point

Sept. 2 Stuart Cramer

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 Cherokee

Sept. 23 Cherryville*

Sept. 30 at Thomas Jefferson*

Oct. 7 at Bessemer City*

Oct. 14 Burns*

Oct. 21 at Shelby*

Oct. 28 Highland Tech*

East Lincoln

Aug. 19 Hibriten

Aug. 26 Forestview

Sept. 2 at Lincolnton

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 Hickory*

Sept. 23 at Statesville*

Sept. 30 West Iredell*

Oct. 7 Foard*

Oct. 14 at St. Stephens*

Oct. 21 at North Iredell*

Oct. 28 North Lincoln*

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Aug. 19 at Burns

Aug. 26 at East Lincoln

Sept. 2 Freedom

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 North Gaston

Sept. 23 at Ashbrook*

Sept. 30 Kings Mountain*

Oct. 7 at Hunter Huss*

Oct. 14 Crest*

Oct. 21 at South Point*

Oct. 28 at Stuart Cramer*

Highland Tech

Aug. 19 Carolina Bearcats

Aug. 26 at Hickory Grove Christian

Sept. 2 at Carver (Winston-Salem)

Sept. 9 at Draughn

Sept. 16 Burns*

Sept. 23 Bessemer City*

Sept. 30 at Shelby*

Oct. 7 at Cherryville*

Oct. 14 Open

Oct. 21 Thomas Jefferson*

Oct. 28 at East Gaston*

Hunter Huss

Aug. 19 at Hickory Ridge

Aug. 26 Hibriten

Sept. 2 at Central Cabarrus

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 at Kings Mountain*

Sept. 23 at South Point*

Sept. 30 Stuart Cramer*

Oct. 7 Forestview*

Oct. 14 at North Gaston*

Oct. 21 Crest*

Oct. 28 at Ashbrook*

Kings Mountain

Aug. 19 at Shelby

Aug. 26 Asheville

Sept. 2 Burns

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 Hunter Huss*

Sept. 23 at North Gaston*

Sept. 30 at Forestview*

Oct. 7 South Point*

Oct. 14 at Stuart Cramer*

Oct. 21 Ashbrook*

Oct. 28 at Crest*


Aug. 19 South Point

Aug. 26 North Lincoln

Sept. 2 East Lincoln

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 at Bunker Hill

Sept. 23 Newton-Conover

Sept. 30 at Bandys

Oct. 7 West Caldwell

Oct. 14 at East Burke

Oct. 21 at Maiden

Oct. 28 West Lincoln

Mountain Island Charter

Aug. 19 Anson

Aug. 26 Corvian Community

Sept. 2 Open

Sept. 9 at Union Academy

Sept. 16 at Pine Lake Prep*

Sept. 23 Community School of Davidson*

Sept. 29 at Winston-Salem Prep*

Oct. 7 Christ the King*

Oct. 14 at Bishop McGuinness*

Oct. 21 Carver (Winston-Salem)*

Oct. 28 at Lake Norman Charter

North Gaston

Aug. 19 at East Gaston

Aug. 26 at Alexander Central

Sept. 2 Chase

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 at Forestview*

Sept. 23 Kings Mountain*

Sept. 30 Ashbrook*

Oct. 7 at Crest*

Oct. 14 Hunter Huss*

Oct. 21 at Stuart Cramer*

Oct. 28 South Point*

North Lincoln

Aug. 19 at West Lincoln

Aug. 26 at Lincolnton

Sept. 2 at Northwest Cabarrus

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 Statesville*

Sept. 23 at Hickory*

Sept. 30 North Iredell*

Oct. 7 at St. Stephens*

Oct. 14 Foard*

Oct. 21 at West Iredell*

Oct. 28 at East Lincoln*


Aug. 19 Kings Mountain

Aug. 26 A.C. Reynolds

Sept. 2 at Crest

Sept. 9 at Hibriten

Sept. 16 at Cherryville*

Sept. 23 Thomas Jefferson*

Sept. 30 Highland Tech*

Oct. 7 Open

Oct. 14 at Bessemer City*

Oct. 21 East Gaston*

Oct. 28 at Burns*

South Point

Aug. 19 at Lincolnton

Aug. 26 East Gaston

Sept. 2 R-S Central

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 at Stuart Cramer*

Sept. 23 Hunter Huss*

Sept. 30 Crest*

Oct. 7 at Kings Mountain*

Oct. 14 at Ashbrook*

Oct. 21 Forestview*

Oct. 28 at North Gaston*

Stuart Cramer

Aug. 19 Bunker Hill

Aug. 26 at Bessemer City

Sept. 2 at East Gaston

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 South Point*

Sept. 23 Crest*

Sept. 30 at Hunter Huss*

Oct. 7 at Ashbrook*

Oct. 14 Kings Mountain

Oct. 21 North Gaston*

Oct. 28 Forestview*

West Lincoln

Aug. 19 North Lincoln

Aug. 26 Cherryville

Sept. 2 Foard

Sept. 9 Open

Sept. 16 Bandys*

Sept. 23 at Maiden*

Sept. 30 Bunker HIll*

Oct. 7 Newton-Conover*

Oct. 14 at West Caldwell*

Oct. 21 East Burke*

Oct. 28 at Lincolnton*

Composite schedule

Week 1 (Aug. 19)

Ashbrook at Concord

Avery County at Cherryville

Bunker Hill at Stuart Cramer

Carolina Bearcats at Highland Tech

Community School of Davidson at Bessemer City

Crest at Freedom

Hibriten at East Lincoln

Forestview at Burns

Hickory Ridge at Hunter Huss

Kings Mountain at Shelby

Mountain Island Charter at Anson

North Gaston at East Gaston

North Lincoln at West Lincoln

South Point at Lincolnton

Week 2 (Aug. 26)

A.C. Reynolds at Shelby

Asheville at Kings Mountain

Burns at Crest

Cherryville at West Lincoln

Corvian Community at Mountain Island Charter

East Gaston at South Point

Forestview at East Lincoln

Hibriten at Hunter Huss

Highland Tech at Hickory Grove Christian

Lincolnton at North Lincoln

North Gaston at Alexander Central

Stuart Cramer at Bessemer City

T.C. Roberson at Ashbrook

Week 3 (Sept. 2)

Ashbrook at West Mecklenburg

Bessemer City at Pine Lake Prep

Burns at Kings Mountain

Chase at North Gaston

Cherryville at Blacksburg (S.C.)

East Lincoln at Lincolnton

Foard at West Lincoln

Freedom at Forestview

Highland Tech at Carver (Winston-Salem)

Hunter Huss at Central Cabarrus

North Lincoln at Northwest Cabarrus

R-S Central at South Point

Shelby at Crest

Stuart Cramer at East Gaston

Week 4 (Sept. 9)

Bessemer City at Christ the King

Chase at Cherryville

Highland Tech at Draughn

Mountain Island Charter at Union Academy

Shelby at Hibriten

Watauga at Burns

Week 5 (Sept. 16)

Ashbrook at Crest

Bandys at West Lincoln

Burns at Highland Tech

Cherokee at East Gaston

Hickory at East Lincoln

Hunter Huss at Kings Mountain

Lincolnton at Bunker Hill

Mountain Island Charter at Pine Lake Prep

North Gaston at Forestview

North Lincoln at Statesville

Shelby at Cherryville

South Point at Stuart Cramer

Thomas Jefferson at Bessemer City

Week 6 (Sept. 23)

Bessemer City at Highland Tech

Cherryville at East Gaston

Community School of Davidson at Mountain Island Charter

Crest at Stuart Cramer

East Lincoln at Statesville

Forestview at Ashbrook

Hunter Huss at South Point

Kings Mountain at North Gaston

Newton-Conover at Lincolnton

North Lincoln at Hickory

Thomas Jefferson at Shelby

West Lincoln at Maiden

Week 7 (Sept. 30)

Ashbrook at North Gaston

Bessemer City at Burns

Bunker Hill at Stuart Cramer

Crest at South Point

East Gaston at Thomas Jefferson

Highland Tech at Shelby

Kings Mountain at Forestview

Lincolnton at Bandys

Mountain Island Charter at Winston-Salem Prep (Sept. 29)

North Iredell at North Lincoln

Stuart Cramer at Hunter Huss

West Iredell at East Lincoln

Week 8 (Oct. 7)

Burns at Thomas Jefferson

Christ the King at Mountain Island Charter

East Gaston at Bessemer City

Foard at East Lincoln

Forestview at Hunter Huss

Highland Tech at Cherryville

Hunter Huss at Forestview

Newton-Conover at West Lincoln

North Gaston at Crest

North Lincoln at St. Stephens

South Point at Kings Mountain

Stuart Cramer at Ashbrook

West Caldwell at Lincolnton

Week 9 (Oct. 14)

Burns at East Gaston

Cherryville at Thomas Jefferson

Crest at Forestview

East Lincoln at St. Stephens

Foard at North Lincoln

Hunter Huss at North Gaston

Kings Mountain at Stuart Cramer

Lincolnton at East Burke

Mountain Island Charter at Bishop McGuinness

Shelby at Bessemer City

South Point at Ashbrook

West Lincoln at West Caldwell

Week 10 (Oct. 21)

Ashbrook at Kings Mountain

Carver (Winston-Salem) at Mountain Island Charter

Cherryville at Burns

Crest at Hunter Huss

East Burke at West Lincoln

East Gaston at Shelby

East Lincoln at North Iredell

Forestview at South Point

Lincolnton at Maiden

North Gaston at Stuart Cramer

North Lincoln at West Iredell

Thomas Jefferson at Highland Tech

Week 11 (Oct. 28)

Cherryville at Bessemer City

Forestview at Stuart Cramer

Highland Tech at East Gaston

Hunter Huss at Ashbrook

Kings Mountain at Crest

Mountain Island Charter at Lake Norman Charter

North Lincoln at East Lincoln

Shelby at Burns

South Point at North Gaston

West Lincoln at Lincolnton

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