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St Lucia – The Jewel Of The Caribbean

St Lucia – The Jewel Of The Caribbean

St Lucia is the perfect place for your Caribbean dream holiday, with its beautiful scenery, tropical weather and abundance of opportunity to relax and unwind. The island is home to many exclusive boutique hotels, such as the Cap Maison, to provide you with that extra bit of luxury while taking care of your every whim. The bedroom suites are tastefully decorated and in keeping with the calm and tranquil feel of the island. Suites look out to sea so that every morning you are greeted with a cool breeze and a stunning view over the gently rolling ocean.

What to do on the Caribbean island of St Lucia

The island of St Lucia is the least frequented of the Windward Islands and its relative seclusion is very much a part of its charm. Despite its tiny size, measuring just 27 by 14 miles, this island has a wonderfully diverse landscape and a distinctively overwhelming beauty. Banana plantations sit alongside coconut groves and other exotic fruit trees, while huge ferns, vibrant orchids and many other tropical plants thrive on the island. Perhaps the most astounding natural features of St Lucia are the two iconic ‘pitons’ that stand just off the coastline and tower over 2000 feet.

Fruit and vegetables grow easily on the island thanks to the fertile, rich volcanic soil and wonderful tropical climate. The fruit and vegetables, along with the fish caught off the shores, make up the majority of Caribbean culinary delights. Restaurants here are often part of hotels, such as Cap Maison and are an extension of the relaxed, yet sophisticated atmosphere evident throughout the rest of the hotel. Restaurants generally offer an excellent standard of food and you can guarantee that the service you receive from the typically friendly locals will be exemplary, too.

The beaches on St Lucia are absolutely beautiful, with endless stretches of white sand and shimmering clear water. It is easy to while away a day relaxing on the beach under the shade of an umbrella, sipping cocktails at the beach bar or indulging in a little adrenaline rush with some water sport action. Diving and snorkelling are second to none around the island, with a vibrant underwater world just waiting to be discovered. Hire a private yacht or charter a catamaran and sail around the island admiring the beauty from afar.

The inland part of the island is quintessentially Caribbean with tiny villages, old fortresses and lively open-air markets. Lush rainforests make for wonderful hiking and birdwatchers will not fail to be impressed by the array of colourful birdlife that resides on the island, including the endangered St Lucia parrot. If you are feeling adventurous take a drive into the Soufriere volcano crater, to explore the geology and admire the sulphur pools that are still very much an active part of the changing landscape. Hotel staff at hotels such as the Cap Maison will be more than happy to help you organise your island excursions.

Perhaps you prefer to indulge in some complete relaxation and make use of the hotel’s complimentary facilities. The spas offer luxury treatments while the Jacuzzis and plunge pools are perfect places to unwind and take some time out. If you are keen on sports like tennis and golf the island has ample opportunity to play, with most hotels offering these sports as complimentary. With so many wonderful boutique hotels on the island, including the Cap Maison, there will certainly be one that fulfills your holiday desires and complements your stay perfectly.