June 21, 2024


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Why The Flat Bench Press Sucks


“How much do you bench?” is for sure one of the questions one has been asked many times during their weight training careers. Many beginners usually start with doing the flat bench press exercises, however they do not realize that it just downright sucks. Flat pressing is a waste of time, energy and it wont even give one the results that they always wanted!

Power-lifting and Bench Pressing:

Power-lifting is an A to B kind of sport, they give one a huge amount of weight and require them to push it from one point to the next, while using all of their muscles. Power-lifters do the flat press exercise since it is a part of their sport, unless one is power-lifting, I strictly recommend to stay away from it.

Pressing and Testosterone:

Many people do this type of exercise because it’s a huge testosterone booster mainly because it’s a compound exercise. However one should realize that there are lots more exercises that do the same thing, which is to increase ones testosterone level. A compound is an exercise which is involves more than one muscle group. Instead of bench pressing one can do more dead-lifts or squats since those are compound exercises too.

Why It Sucks:

The bench press sucks because one can not really isolate their chest muscles since it is a compound exercise. It stresses the front deltoids way to much for it to be an effective exercise for building up the chest.

The second reasons why it sucks, is because it is a very dangerous exercise. Ninety five percent of bodybuilders, athletes and power-lifters that have a pectoral tear got it from the bench press. I do not even have to ask them how they did it, they did it on the bench press. It is officially a garbage pectoral exercise, one should forget about it completely. Why risk getting injured for something that’s not really giving any benefit?.

Lets recap on what I just outlined on the above paragraphs.

1. Sucks at isolating ones chest muscles

2. It’s a dangerous exercise

3. No benefit to it

Replacement Exercises:

Lets face it, there are far better and more effective chest exercises then the flat bench press. Decline pressing is way better, incline pressing is also better and dumbbell fly’s are good too. Another bonus when doing these exercises are that they isolate the chest better and more effective than the flat bench press, they are also safer too.