April 13, 2024


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Birthday Signs: Choosing The Best Material For A Custom Banner

Banner Material Types: How to Choose the Best Banner Material - Half Price  Banners

Are you planning to celebrate the birthday party in style? Do you plan to spend the day with you loved ones? Whether the birthday party is to be held at the yard or in the office premises, a good way to do it is using a unique birthday sign and nothing else but a banner is the best thing to use to deliver a message without breaking the bank. 

Why use banners:

One of the reasons to use banners as birthday signs is that it helps in conveying the message with ease. All you need is choose a banner material and hang it indoors or outdoors.  The material you select for the banner should be based on the weather of your area but when it comes to using colors, you may include as much or as little based on the theme of the party. 

Using vinyl banner:

There are several reasons why you may rely on vinyl banners but before you know them, here are the customization options available. 

  • Shape modifications

Just because you are planning to use a banner does not mean that it needs to have a rectangular format; in reality, it can take any shape of you have plans to customize and impress the audience. Therefore, you can experiment with cylindrical and square shapes to boost the appearance of the banner based on the design requirements and the theme.

  • Adding graphics

The vinyl banners offer excellent options of customization for the birthday banner. For instance, you can select different inks to bring colors to the banner and allow the message and the image more real and lively. With high-quality graphics, you can make the banner more catchy and memorable. 

  • Lamination option

Vinyl banner is a preferred choice due to its sturdiness but if you want to give the banner a unique touch, the best option to use is lamination. Apart from the protection it lends to the happy birthday sign, the d├ęcor looks classy and the visual appeal is very high as you can use a wide range of finishes from gloss to matte. 

  • Storage

If you are not keen to invest in happy birthday signs every year, the vinyl banner can be stored neatly without any damage.

You can simply mount the banner on a pole or hang it with grommets. 

Polyester banners:

When celebrating the birthday in your office, the sign you choose must be astute and professional. A polyester fabric banner is one of the best choices to make the banner and the birthday sign more colorful. However, polyester fabric is not a good choice for a party you want to hold outdoors as it is prone to ripping and tearing, so it is to be best handled on the indoors. 

Canvas banners:

For a birthday party to be held in extreme weather conditions, canvas is one of the highest qualities of materials available. It is weather-resistant and retains the aesthetic values. Although it is a heavy-duty material, it can be used indoors as well.

A birthday sign adds fun and excitement to the occasion and delivers a unique message to the guests.