July 16, 2024


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Brooklyn Nets speculation, rumors, news

Kevin Durant trade speculation continues to surround the Brooklyn Nets.

Where will the NBA star end up playing in 2022?

Follow our updates on Kevin Durant as the NBA trade speculation continues.

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SB Nation: 4 ways Kevin Durant’s trade request can end

Ricky O’Donnell broke down four ways the saga with Durant could end and one of them was with the Nets trading him to the Phoenix Suns.

He writes: “If Durant has it his way, he’d be traded to Phoenix so he can play with Devin Booker. Maybe there’s still a deal out there even after Ayton re-signed, but it’s probably going to require the Suns to part with four unprotected first round picks, and include some pick swaps. Otherwise, Phoenix is going to have to get creative to rope in other teams to complete a multi-team deal. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that the Suns haven’t been willing to throw their full lot of picks in a KD deal. Personally, I think that’s stupid. The Suns have historically been a loser franchise that no one wants to play for. They have never won a title before. The fact that one of the 15 greatest players ever, who is signed for four more years, actually wants to come to Phoenix should be the ultimate cause for celebration. Trading a bunch of future picks and Mikal Bridges for Durant would dramatically increase their odds at winning the 2023 championship. Of course there’s risk involved, but there’s also risk involved with not trading for KD. The Suns should really do whatever it takes to land him.”