June 23, 2024


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Eyebrow Restoration in Beverly Hills, CA – The Ultimate Guide

In Beverly Hills, eyebrow restoration is becoming popular. An eyebrow restoration treatment is meant to treat hair loss in your eyebrows. Typically, eyebrows play a huge role in the first impression. They help complement your facial features; people can recognize who you are when they look at you. Eyebrows also help you to express yourself emotionally. These procedures are becoming popular these days. 

An eyebrow restoration in Beverly Hills allows your doctor to extract hair follicles from the donor site and transfer them to the surgery area. Most men and women opt for these procedures to help them increase the hair volume in their brows or shape. Your eyebrow restoration goals will guide the doctors at Beverly Hills to perform the eyebrow restoration treatment. Here is the ultimate guide to all the treatment is all about.

What is an Eyebrow Restoration Treatment?

An eyebrow restoration in Beverly Hills treatment involves restoring hair follicles in your brow area. This procedure works similarly to a hair transplant surgery. You can opt for this procedure. Suppose you lack fuller eyebrows, or your eyebrows are not in a desirable shape. The surgeon might go a different approach based on your eyebrow restoration goals. If you, for instance, want to reconstruct your eyebrows from scratch, you can effectively do so using eyebrow restoration surgery.

Other than that, patchy eyebrows can also be treated with this surgery to make them thicker. Because the eyebrow transplant procedure requires high precision to make them appear perfect, performing the treatment tends to be more challenging than hair transplants.

The main hair restoration methods used at Beverly Hills clinic are the FUE and FUT. Most people opt for the FUE method because you will not have any linear scar. But the cost of this treatment is relatively low.

How an Eyebrow Restoration in Beverly Hills Works

During the eyebrow restoration treatment, the surgeon works to reconstruct natural brows. The surgery is usually done the same way as the hair transplant method to restore hair loss in the scalp. The only difference between these two treatments is the recipient area. During the eyebrow hair restoration surgery, hair follicles are collected from healthy parts of your scalp and will be transferred to the eyebrows. Suppose you have sparse eyebrows. You get to benefit from this procedure.

The doctor performing this treatment at Beverly Hills uses the FUE method. This process involves harvesting hair follicles from the donor area of your scalp with a punch tool that cuts around each follicle unit, leaving no scar on the surgery area. Your doctor will then prepare the hair strands using a microscope to make sure the number of hair grafts is enough to cover the surgery area. The hair grafts will then be implanted into the recipient area.

The doctor is always careful during the surgery since placing the hair follicles typically needs high precision. The doctor will need to place hair strains in a small incision at the right angle to get a more natural look.

No stitches or scalpels are needed during this treatment because no cutting will be required. The recovery period will take shorter because the whole procedure is microsurgical.

The Procedure for Eyebrow restoration in Beverly Hills

The eyebrow restoration procedure is similar to that of a scalp hair transplant. Hair follicles might be collected from above your ears or the back of your scalp because the area hardly suffers from hair loss. These hair strands are therefore harvested and implanted into the affected area of your brows. The surgeon does this to ensure new hair follicles are growing after the initial implants fall out. To help with pain and discomfort, your surgeon will use local anesthesia. The eyebrow hair transplant procedure involves;

· The consultation

· Harvesting of hair grafts

· Implanting the grafts

· And recovery or follow-up


Eyebrows play a critical role when it comes to complementing how you look. Therefore, shaping and grooming them well brings out your best attributes. Experienced doctor with years of experience perform eyebrow restoration in beverly hills. Both men and women can undergo this treatment. After the surgery, you will enjoy permanent results with a more natural appearance. This procedure also helps to enhance your facial features and the overall shape of your eyebrows.