May 25, 2024


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How To Enjoy the Football Game Staying At Home


It happens quite often that we want to watch the live football game, but the circumstances don’t allow us to. And sometime it is only that the extra effort is too much that we prefer staying home instead. If you don’t want to go through the struggle of getting to a live football match, read along and learn how to get the best football screening experience at home with all the stadium fun. 


Call Friends 

What is a good game without friends? Having friends over to enjoy a game or a movie is the best thing to do if you want to have fun. So, when preparing to screen a football match, call your close friends and family and watch the game with them. Watching a game or a movie gets more fun and special when you share its excitement with your friends and family, and watching football can be a good family and friends weekend activity.  


Good Screening

The most important thing apart from having people over is to have a good screen to play the live match on. For that, you can either play it on your 4k TV in an awesome print, or arrange a projector, on which you can stream the match online. You have multiple options when screening the match. You can play it live on the TV or stream it from an online platform. Often when we stream matches online, our internet does not cooperate and that results in bad prints and distorted screening, which ruins all the fun of the live match. 

To make sure your internet does not betray you, get RCN internet, and stream your favorite live matches uninterrupted. Before your match you can call RCN Customer service to make sure they fix any bugs that are in there in your network, they are super cooperative and help you right away. This way you can enjoy your match, and have an interruption free experience without any issues with the internet streaming.  



What is a live game without good game snacks? When you go to a match, you love having that iced cold beer along with some popcorns and a bag of chips. Well, be the good host to your audience and arrange for them lots of iced cold soft drinks, beers, bags of chips, and cookies. People love watching movies and games with snacks, since snacks are the main essence of watching games and movies together.  



The best part about a game is the environment. Considering how many people you will be calling to watch the game, try to make an accessible space for them. Remove the furniture away from the room and put blankets, cushions, and mini tables on the floor. Bring the TV, or projector down to the visual level and make room for your guests for them to watch the game comfortably. 


Audio-visual Quality 

The audio and visuals quality is what will make your game worth watching. Lighting, sound, the screen’s size and placing are all that matter when watching a game. The plus point of watching a game from home is to be able to see even the smallest details that you can’t view if you are in a stadium. When viewing the game, make sure the lights are dim and there no light against the screen that could possibly reflect on the screen and disturb your viewing experience. Also, no matter how good your TV is, TV audio is never naturally good enough, so you always need a soundbar to bring a home cinema feel to your movie or game nights. Make sure to place your lights and TV in the right place and to attach the soundbar to get the best audiovisual experience. 


Pre And Post Activities 

Pre and post activities, before and after the game are important to keep the energy up and to end the day on a good note. Before starting the game, set up a cocktail bar at the venue, and let your guests make their own drinks for the game as an activity to keep them busy. Also, when you are done with the game, order some pizza and discuss the game. This way you just don’t let you guests leave after the game, you have a proper game night with lots of activities. You can also do something fun after dinner, such a game of truth and dare over dessert. 


When you want to enjoy a game at home, there are several things you can do to get that stadium experience indoors. The best thing to do is to call your friends home and host the game at your place. To make your friends feel comfortable and also enjoy, come up with different activities such as small games and activities before and after the game, good snacks, good screening, and most importantly good environment.