June 21, 2024


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How to Wear a Fedora Hat to Look Cool & Chic

The hat is a trendy accessory for creating a fashion statement and styling your overall look. You have access to a broad spectrum of chic hats, but fedoras are back with a bang. They are best for all seasons and you can wear them on several occasions. They are stunning. You can team them up with different outfits. You can wear the rich exotic woolen fedoras on formal occasions, while you can wear the casual yet stunning straw fedoras for beach parties and outdoor picnics. You can wear a fedora to appear more sophisticated and fashionable.

According to Forbes, in the earlier days, hats were regarded as symbols of social status. People wore hats as decorative items for identifying class, tribe, or rank. However, in modern times, fashionable and well-groomed individuals are spotted wearing stunning hats. These individuals have a strong and distinctive personal style and a solid sense of self. 

The fedora hat style has evolved over the years. Fedora hats are versatile and functional. They help take your fashion quotient higher. Fedora hats can help you look elegant. They serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. You may flaunt a stunning fedora if you follow hectic schedules and have no time to devote to styling your hair. Add instant charm to your overall personality by wearing a striking fedora. Let us explore a few ways of wearing hats to take your fashion and style to the next level.

Fedoras Complement Round Face

Always choose a hat if the style complements the shape of your face. You may buy a hat that harmonizes well with your natural facial proportions. Your hat gains instant attention because it naturally sits very close to the face. Always flaunt a hat style that is compatible with your facial shape. Determine your specific hat size. You may opt for a fedora hat if you have a round face. Fedora hats have a shallow crown and angular details. These features and a narrow brim are instrumental in downplaying the smooth symmetrical features of a round-shaped face. Fedoras are best for combating the overall softness of your round face. Fedora has well-defined, sharp angles that facilitate some contrast. Fedoras are best for round faces. They have angularity, particularly, when they are worn consciously at a tilt. You can consider turning down the wider brim to protect your eyes. Moreover, it will go a long way in creating an air of enigma and mystery.

Pair a Wool Fedora with a Jacket

Wool fedora hats look best when teamed with a jacket like a suit jacket, sports coat, overcoat, or blazer. You may wear fedoras on formal occasions. So, wool or felt fedora should be best paired with a jacket to create a complete and chic look that seems seasonally most suitable. It is best to avoid wearing a fedora with pinstripe suits. Keep your overall look cool but classic. Fedora hats have a vintage quality. You may stick to classic outfits, like double-breasted suits, collar bars, vests, and even leather gloves. However, you may wear straw fedoras with jeans and casual clothes. 

Consider the Season 

You may wear fedoras throughout the year. However, felt or wool fedoras are best avoided during the stifling hot summer days. It is best to choose a Panama hat instead for summer days. Fedoras are best worn in the fall and spring seasons. However, fedoras may be worn on relatively cooler summer days. Straw hats are ideal for the summer heat. Always consider the weather while choosing a hat. Remember that your fedora hat is not just a stylish accessory, but it is also, functional.

Follow Hat Etiquette

It is best to take off your fedora indoors as hats are worn to accessorize your outside outfits. Hats should not be worn indoors. They should be flaunted when in transit or outside. It is a good idea to leave out the sunglasses if you are flaunting a stunning fedora. It is best to consider limiting your accessories. Fedoras make a strong statement hence; it is a good idea to leave out the sunglasses.

Wear the Right Color to Complement Your Skin Tome

An important factor to consider while choosing your fedora is the color. You may focus on identifying colors that harmonize or complement your unique skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone and blonde hair, it is best to choose a black or navy blue, or brown fedora for perfect definition and boldness. If your skin tone and hair are dark, wear a white or beige or even a printed fedora. You may create the right balance of color while choosing a fedora with your outfit. Men with lighter or pale skin tomes may stick to wearing darker hats like medium gray, charcoal, dark brown, black, or navy blue.


When you wear a hat, it boosts your overall self-esteem and confidence since you look taller with a hat. You will feel a sudden boost in power and strength. Combine this newfound confidence and the above-discussed tips to make a fashion statement.