May 19, 2024


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Indiana Pacers’ Attendance Going Down

The Indiana Pacers supposedly called the “Heart of basketball country” have trouble with their fans this season. The crowd attendance is decreasing each game the team plays.

The team’s negative news besides the losing record have turned into apathy from the fans to visit the Conseco Field house this season where we see more empty seats than fans. The Pacers average an attendance of 12,183 more less the smallest in the NBA this season; pretty much the worst one since the 1990-91 season. The attendance has failed to attain at least 10,000 and keeps dishing beneath 8,000.

This entire problem is an apprehension issue for the top organization of the Pacers. Herb Simon the co-owner of the Pacers describes the attendance numbers “a stun” and guarantees to take some strategies to prevail and win back fans. In the inaugural 1999-2000 season the attendance at the Conseco Field House was previously sold out in advance, however this has strongly declined in six of the past eight years. This season the attendance has decreased by more than 3,000 from last season’s average of 15,359. For the owners Mel and Herb Simon this is a very deep financially loss indeed.

According to the Pacers Marketing Report Team they are averaging price of $42.39 for the ticket this season, beneath the NBA average of $48.83. According also to Forbes Magazine, the Indiana Pacers lost during the season 2005-2006 approximately $12.5 million and this past year they have lost so far $1.3 million. By consequence this turns out into a lower player payroll.

Before fixing all this mess the team does need to start winning something. The attendance usually pursues a team’s win-loss record and reveals a positive or negative way the income each season. The Pacers record has beg off annually since they won a record of 61 games in the 2003-2004 season, and they could do so again if they don’t manage to equal last year’s winning total of 35.

The drumming of publicity strikes from the off-court since November 200; more less three straight season of fan discontent .

“We’re in a smaller market and when we’re not winning, our attendance comes down,” CEO Donnie Walsh said. “I think it’s a combination of some of the incidents that we’ve had and the fact we’re not a very good team right now, which is another story. The fact that anybody would stay home because of some of the things any of our (players) have done is not a good statement for us and we have to correct that.”

Renny Harrison, owner of ticket broker Circle City Tickets, said his business has taken a financial strike on the Pacers tickets. He projected he is doing “20 or 25 percent” of the selling he expected in the 2003-04 season and anticipated to lose money on the Pacers this season. His company is offering tickets below the original value. A $125 seat, for instance, can be purchased for $50.

Cookie English, a season ticket holder, has remained committed in her support. “I don’t go there to look at (the players’) personal lives,” English said. “I want to be entertained. If you want to find an excuse not to go, you can do it. But to say they don’t put forth effort and the games aren’t entertaining, it’s not true. It makes me sad. I’m fearful that since their attendance is down they’ll want to move this team out of here.”

The Indiana Pacers are captivating strategies to attempt to win back fans. They have started with game promotions, also met with more groups in the community and invited season ticket holders to visit during the stays of team president Larry Bird.