June 21, 2024


Exercise makes you strong

Introduction to Basketball Camps

Athletes can benefit a lot from basketball camps, since these allow them to perform their best in sports and learn the true meaning of teamwork. Athletes will be physically and mentally pushed to the limits no matter what they are attending: a basketball camp for a day or one that lasts for a month. Aside from joining different physical activities, a basketball camp enables attendees to listen to motivational speeches, get encouraged and get various rewards for their efforts. Those who can join basketball camps range from 5 year old girls and boys to college basketball players and professional players. Therefore, basketball camps cater to individuals of all levels and ages.

Building Block Drills

Building block drills can teach the importance of controlling the ball with one hand. “Front and back” is an example of a building block drill. This is among the several building block drills that provide a solid foundation, in which the players can develop their skills, or further improve them, as is the case of a veteran player.

“Front to Back”

Several players can participate all at one time in an individual drill such as the “Front to Back”. This drill will let the player have the ball and learn to work it with only one hand. The coaches have to make sure that the body of a player is facing forward. His head should look up while his eyes are looking forward. The “Front to Back ” drill teaches a participant to control the ball without facing down and lets him learn to look around and know what is happening in the game. Basically, when dribbling the ball forward, the participant is behind the ball. Then, when dribbling the ball backyard, he is in the front of it. He does this while letting the ball stay low to the ground. The movement of his arm should be like that of a bowler holding a bowling ball.

Pressure Plays

Though basketball camps can be a lot of fun, they also teach the participants to play well even under pressure. To attain this goal, play drills with real pressure let kids learn the right way of dribbling and shooting the ball, making them great for all basketball camps. There should be two groups of participants, placing one group on each baseline. Each of the kids along each baseline has a number and is standing across the corresponding equivalent. When there are 20 kids in all, 10 are placed at each baseline and are counted from one to ten, from the left to the right. So, the number four of both groups will stand in front of one another on opposing baselines. There will be two basketballs that will be used on half court.

The coaches will call a number at random. The participants will not know the number that will be called. The two kids that will be called will have to rush to the half court, take a ball then dribble it back going to their baseline. The first kid to shoot is the “winner”.

One more way to make this drill more competitive is to place only one ball at half court. The kid who will not able to get the ball will play defense against the one who dribbles and shoots.

Shooting Drills

Shooting drills are also included during basketball damps. An example of a shooting drill is letting kids line up in the free throw lane area. Kids will get to shoot one at a time. However, if they miss to shoot a free throw, they will receive one point and get another one for each consecutive free throw shot ahead of them. The group with the most number of points after a round will be tagged as the loser.