June 19, 2024


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Joe Cardona says ‘football is not war,’ though he does find one unfortunate similarity in military and NFL

BOSTON — Time was, the activity of football emulated everyday living on the battlefield. That time, while, is prolonged gone.

Joe Cardona — who’s entering his eighth season with the New England Patriots while also serving as a lieutenant in the United States Navy — discussed that present reality in detail in a visitor column for Athletics Illustrated on the Fourth of July.

“Football no for a longer time mimics war or the values held near by our armed expert services,” Cardona wrote, while stating that he has “struggled with my position amongst these two careers.”

“These days,” Cardona added, “soccer is not war it is cash.”

Cardona stated that football currently being “huge enterprise” and “that is O.K.” But he did come across one unlucky location in which the U.S. military and the NFL have one thing in common.

“The military associates putting their life on the line see pennies on the greenback in contrast to our major protection contracts in our $773 billion protection finances. It can be a great deal like the NFL, where most gamers do not see approximately the benefit of profits generated at the expense of their actual physical and cognitive health and fitness since it goes to ownership, the league or a handful of gamers who command a disproportionate allocation of the wage cap,” Cardona wrote.