May 25, 2024


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KSI’s inspiration on me fighting the greatest fight of my life – Ash's Sports Talk

KSI’s inspiration on me fighting the greatest fight of my life – Ash’s Sports Talk

I never thought I’d have to write these words. In May this year, I received the biggest body blow by being told I’ve been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine carcinoma. My mind staggered to take in the doctor’s words considering there’s only so much as humans we can control.

This is my story.

I share it, so others are inspired by the words of some of my combat sports heroes. In the darkest of times, these words have been the ‘words from my corner’, the pep talk I needed to pick myself up and battle on.

KSI is recognised as one of the globe’s biggest superstars, but most recently, this comes from the impact he’s created across combat sports.

He recently featured and organised a YouTube Boxing event in collaboration with Wasserman Boxing alongside setting up his own promotion known as Misfits Boxing.

The YouTube Boxing legacy began for KSI by fighting another YouTuber, Joe Weller, in an amateur bout streamed via YouTube. It garnered 2.25m views, which is typically unheard of for a typical amateur boxing match.

This captured attention of US superstar Logan Paul, where another amateur bout was organised in the UK, which was available on PPV, garnering 1.3m sales.

The fight ended in a draw, meaning there was an appetite for a rematch. But, it was made as a professional match-up headlined at the Staples Center, now known as the Arena.

It was promoted under Matchroom Boxing, and global broadcasting rights were captured by DAZN alongside Sky Sports.

Matchroom Boxing Promoter Eddie Hearn recently revealed that globally, this event did 2m PPV buys.

Plus, it was listed as one of DAZN’s top-10 streamed events of 2019, gaining more traction than Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr.

What exactly is my desired sports industry legacy?

Ash’s Sports Talk has been an integral part of building my personal brand to gain recognition in the industry, a major reason for receiving my position as a Digital Content Executive at Oporto Sports.

You can view my portfolio here in terms of my achievements.

Now, my legacy lies in the desire to support athletes, brands, and other passionate combat parties through the power of athlete-driven marketing, storytelling, content creation and other digital marketing methods, which I’m always happy to chat more about.