April 19, 2024


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Scott Co. community steps up to help sports writer’s family after son falls ill

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) – Sports journalist Kal Oakes has dedicated the past six years of his life to covering Scott County’s teams and leagues for the Georgetown News-Graphic.

So when his son was hospitalized with a rare and serious medical condition, those communities have stepped up to support him and his family in their time of need.

By all accounts, Kal is a tireless worker who brings passion to the job and is just everywhere at once. Coaches told us he’s there for anything and everything sports in Scott County, whether it’s a big rivalry matchup or a youth league event. So when the community learned his son, Stephen, had fallen ill, they were there for his family without hesitation.

Stephen, 24, had never had any health issues until late May, when doctors found he had a stomach ulcer. The ulcer created a blockage, which required surgery.

“I think the mental aspect of it is as hard as the physical right now. You’ve got to remember this is a kid who has never been sick a day in his life,” Oakes said.

But the situation worsened after surgery, because a rare complication happened.

“So, we took him to the hospital again this past weekend, figured out he had an abscess on his spleen,” he said.

Stephen spent 19 nights in four different hospitals, and the community was quick to step in.

Lexington police detective Anthony Delimpo lives in Georgetown and started a meal train fundraiser for the Oakes family. Delimpo understands how difficult it is to ask for help, but he knew Stephen needed it, and the people of Scott County were ready to bring it.

They’ve raised more than $2,500 in just a few days, and people can sign up to bring the family meals as well.

Scott County boys’ basketball coach Tim Glenn called Kal an “invaluable asset to the community” and is praying for Stephen to have a speedy recovery.

“The way he loves kids in this community athletically, it can’t even compare to the love he has for his son,” Glenn said.

“This is who America is, at some point everybody’s going to need help, we’re all going to need it one way or another so if you’re able to, please reach out and help this family,” Delimpo said.

If you’d like to help out, click this link to go to Delimpo’s meal train.

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