June 19, 2024


Exercise makes you strong

Self-defence is something I should learn.

Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Self Defense Classes

Every individual, including children and teenagers, should have the right to protect themselves from violence physically. The ability to defend oneself is a skill that is overlooked in our society. In a time when bullying is on the rise in schools, it’s vital that girls and boys can defend themselves in a situation like that appropriately.

As part of our programs, teens learn Self defense strike points techniques that not only allow them to defend themselves against physical attacks, but also benefit them in their day-to-day lives. In our classes we emphasise the importance of hard work, loyalty, patience, as well as self-confidence. Additionally, martial arts can help people of all ages to reduce stress and control aggression.

Self-defence: when to use it

It is always better to use physical self-defence as a last resort! Our students learn several methods for defusing potentially dangerous situations. You may at one point need to defend yourself physically, which is a very real possibility. We want to prepare you for every circumstance.

Among the many benefits of martial arts are self-defence, self-confidence, and self-respect. The benefits of practising martial arts for teens are so numerous that it’s definitely something you should consider for your child. Adolescents go through various developmental stages. Make sure that they’re learning the correct principles of self-defence.

We recommend martial art classes taught by professional teachers in a positive environment, like our Sovereign Martial Arts schools, for anyone looking to get their teen into sports, provide them with a safe and fun after school activity, or learn proper self-defence.

Girls should learn self-defence

Girls and women often face violence in the world, and violence is a common occurrence. They’re often viewed as easy targets, but disproportionate violence is still perpetrated against them even if this may not be the case. Most parents and girls want to learn how to protect themselves against violent situations, but they don’t know where to start. Students of all ages learn mental and physical skills to defend themselves in our martial arts classes.

We believe every girl has a strong internal power which needs to be recognized. Martial arts enables girls to learn about giving and receiving respect, as well as how to make judgments about allowing others into their personal space. We help girls develop confidence, better decision-making skills, and a stronger sense of self when they participate in our classes. Self-respect is taught so that girls can recognize situations in which they need to defend themselves. Teenage girls benefit greatly from learning martial arts. They become more confident and become stronger as a result of our programs.

Boys should learn self-defence

Girls are not the only victims of violence. It is equally important that boys know how to protect themselves from violent situations and attacks as well. The common problem among teenage boys is that they get caught up in the moment and try to solve problems by physical action rather than communication. A fight may break out due to misunderstandings.

Our classes teach the boys not only physical protection, but also mental strength. We teach them how to handle difficult situations in a more effective manner. All too often, conflicts that could be settled with words end up in a fight. During de-escalation training, boys learn how to control their emotions and de-escalate violent confrontations.

How can I learn self-defence?

Krav Maga classes are recommended for teenagers who want to learn self-defence. Our Krav Maga classes in Howell, Belleville, and Rahway equip young people with the skills to quickly react to any situation by keeping an eye on the environment. In the shortest amount of time, Krav Maga teaches the most effective techniques to the least dangerous people possible. Krav Maga teaches teenagers the mental and physical strength needed to act in tough situations and defend themselves.

Find out how to defend yourself now

Although Krav Maga is one option, it’s not the only one! In Howell, Rahway, and Belleville, we provide a range of programs to develop self-defence skills for students of various ages. To ensure every skill is learned correctly, we work with professional instructors. At Sovereign schools, we strive to create a positive learning environment.