June 19, 2024


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The Football Gods Hate Manchester City – A Week in the City

There’s not much in football more thrilling than a last minute winner. None know that more so than Manchester City fans, who all have the numbers 93:20 burned into our collective memories for precisely that reason. The last kick, not just of the game but the Premier League season, which meant that City took their first ever Premier League title. It’s a feeling that will probably never, ever be replicated in our lives.

Now, just imagine how QPR fans might have felt if their Premier League survival hinged on that goal. As it was, their survival had already been secured by Bolton only managing to get a point out of Stoke, so City’s late resurgence had no impact on the moods of the QPR fans in the ground. If Sergio Aguero’s goal had doomed them to a season in the Championship, however, it would be the very antithesis of the 93:20 moment. A Mike Tyson sucker punch right in the kidneys.