July 16, 2024


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The Markings of a True Basketball Court

The Markings of a True Basketball Court

One the things that you must know as a basketball coach, is to get acquainted with the markings ( lines and semicircles ) to know and to understand their meaning and purpose, so that you can pass down the knowledge to the kids. I will try to help you with this issue as much as possible.

The basketball markings are: BASELINES ( are the lines that run underneath the baskets at both ends of the basketball court, they are also called as the end lines, their purpose is to separate the playing area from the out-of-bounds area ); SIDELINES ( they determine the length of the court. When the ball gets knocked out of play, players often put back the ball in play from behind the sidelines ); MID-COURT LINE ( also called as the division line, it vertically splits the court in two, when a player of a team inbounds the ball under its basket, the players are required to get the ball pass this line in less than ten seconds, if you fail to do that its called ( a back-court violation ); CENTER CIRCLE ( it is the circle in the middle of the court, this is the place where the game begins with a jump ball between a player from each team. The throwing of the ball is made by a ref); LANES ( the ares in front of the basket, rectangular shaped, they are also called as the paint ); FREE-THROW LINES ( here the players stand to attempt free throws ); BLOCKS ( is the spot where the tallest player stay to catch rebound balls from free trows).