July 15, 2024


Exercise makes you strong

The weapon of Muay Thai sport

Muay Thai fighters train for many years in order to learn how to use feet, knees, elbows and fists more effectively. Little by little they transform their bodies into war machines which are used with lethal effectiveness when entering the ring.

This amazing sport has developed over many centuries and it remains one of the most popular sports in all of Thailand. However, over the last decade or two Muay Thai has spread to other countries and for many people it has become the martial arts of choice and it is also popular because of its ability to improve fitness levels. Muay Thai involves high intensity exercise routines. There are many training camps all over Thailand where fighters continue to practice Muay Thai and in Bangkok fights are taking place every single day. Muay Thai is also known as the Art of Eight Limbs and this is because fighters make use of both arms and legs in their attempts to take down their opponents.

The body becomes a weapon

Absolutely every part of the human body can be utilized as a weapon or as a means of defense. Shins are used as shields; hands become swords while knees and also elbows are used as highly effective weapons which are used to do lots of damage. Nevertheless in the modern form of Muay Thai fights only last for five rounds and each individual round is only three minutes. Muay Thai is a highly effective form of martial arts and many of the champions in this sport has become legends in their own time. Muay Thai was developed many centuries ago when the country needed to protect itself against neighboring countries. Muay Thai has become popular among the poor people of Thailand because you don’t need much in order to practice this form of martial arts. All you need is to have a pair of suitable shorts. However, there are some rules which have to be complied with. Hair has to be kept neat at all times no beards are allowed. It is also very important to keep toenails trimmed in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Muay Thai is practiced everywhere in Thailand

It doesn’t matter where you might go in the country you will always find a Muay Thai training camp where people are busy to practice. One of the most popular venues is probably Lumpinee Boxing Stadium where fights are mostly taking place on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. People who come to Thailand on holiday or on a breakaway weekend will always find an opportunity somewhere in the country where they can exercise in order to become more competent in this form of martial arts. Practice makes perfect and this is the only way to become competent as a Muay Thai fighter. Increasing numbers of women are also becoming involved with Muay Thai and many of them are establishing themselves as champions that have to be reckoned with. It is certainly true that Muay Thai at www.muaythai-thailand.com can be practiced anywhere in the world but nowhere can it be experienced quite as intensely as it can be done in Thailand.