February 28, 2024


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Torn ACL – One of the Most Common Football Injuries

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) can be one of the most devastating injuries a football player can face. Often this type of injury can put a player out of the game for an entire season and in the worst case, end the player’s career. No matter how gifted a football player is, a torn ACL can drastically affect his ability to play the sport as coordination and mobility can both be drastically impaired. Players like Willis McGahee, Dante Culpepper, and Donovan McNabb have all had their careers impacted by torn ACL injuries.

Wear a knee brace to prevent or heal a torn ACL during football games and practices

Healing a torn ACL can be difficult and, in cases when a patient wants to return to a sport, a brace or support of some kind will be necessary. As this is the most common football injury, there are braces that are designed with the sports player in mind. Not only are these knee braces designed to take the pressure off the ACL area, but also created to be strong and durable.

The DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with FourcePoint Hinge is considered by many to be the finest off-the-shelf knee brace available. Off-the-shelf means that no prescription is needed to purchase an Armor Knee Brace. The patient does not have to wait until a brace can be created for them as this brace is available immediately. The brace comes in seven sizes and it can be adjusted to fit comfortably.

There are many other advantages to the Armor knee brace including the fact that the sturdy frame allows the wearer to mold the brace to the leg. The brace is held in place by an anti-migration Supra Condyle pad that does not catch or pinch the calf. Because it is built with sports in mind it can even survive a football game and protect the knee from blunt blows with its own impact guard. There is also a guard’s hinge cover to protect the material of pants and uniforms. The hinge and guards work to build resistance which can keep the knee from either over extending or being thrown to the side. This resistance also shortens the time spent towards a full extension of the knee giving the wearer a more natural gait as they walk or run. This natural movement protects the wearer while he or she is engaged in extreme activities.

The Armor Fource Point Protective Knee Brace protects so well that many college and professional football teams are requesting that players who have weakened knees or previous ACL injuries wear this brace whether or not they are having problem with the joint prior to the game. The brace is not cumbersome and can prevent further injury to the knee safely and without sacrificing mobility.

This brace is not made only for football and anyone with ACL knee issues who is engaging in sports or other activities where the knee could be compromised could benefit from this support.