July 16, 2024


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What content stood out this week and why? – Ash’s Sports Talk

UEFA Women’s Euro utilising their Tweet composer

A couple of days before the tournament began, the UEFA Women’s Euros account on Twitter effectively utilised Twitter’s Tweet composer to give an introduction to each team. This content is effective because it optimises short-form storytelling alongside enhancing web traffic by providing each group with a visual introduction alongside a web link which users can branch off to find other content about other elements of the Euros.

What can other brands learn from this?

Ultimately, using platform-specific features should be considered to maximise impact through content. For example, this content piece encourages viewer awareness, which increases the likelihood of them following on to click through to discover further information around the content theme.  

Nationwide’s Geography Challenge: #WhereGreatnessIsMade

The Lionesses have rolled out a #WhereGreatnessIsMade content series. One video that stuck out to me involved where two players, Lotte Wuben-Moy and Keira Walsh, took on Nationwide’s Geography challenge where they were asked location-related questions and had to place markers on where they thought they were.

UK bank, Nationwide, promoted their Mutual Respect Grants Fund where the intention is to promote respect on and off the pitch. The video with the players was initially used to create awareness of where greatness has been made.

What can other brands learn from this?

Although this content was treated as a sponsorship collaboration, it can inspire other content ideas for different brands and companies for various purposes, including primary schools integrating similar activities to utilise throughout lessons to enhance engagement with their pupils through teaching.

It can inspire other organisations to think along similar lines, for example, County FA’s promoting playing/coaching opportunities which are now amplified by players that grew up in their Counties. Such as what London FA did here through Lotte Wuben-Moy before she tested positive for COVID. 

Barclays Women’s Super League: #WEUROS2022 Animations

It’s no surprise to see the Barclays WSL get involved in amplifying the tournament. A day before the tournament commenced, the content drew together some eye-catching comic-themed visuals illustrating each group within the campaign.

During the opening week, this was one of their highest media tweets, demonstrating the league followers’ appeal towards animated marketing content to capture content.

What can other brands learn from this?

At pivotal moments throughout the tournament, there could be a chance for brands to create an animation series through videos or comic carousel-themed visuals to illustrate the story of individual teams to draw engagement from the #WEUROS2022 audience. Like how BT Sport presented an engaging animation piece ahead of UFC Hall Of Fame athlete Khabib Nurmagomedov’s last fight in his career.

A reinvention of the Lionesses jersey through embroidery

Diana Al Shammari, also known as The Football Gal, has published on Instagram a design she’s created where she’s embroidered the Lionesses jersey through her artistic talents. Diana also has a website where she sells her embroidery-inspired designs for both men and women.

On Instagram and Twitter, the video is one of her most viewed clips compared to the remainder of her media library and understandably so, considering consumers’ appetite for unique fashion across social media.

What can other brands learn from this?

Upcoming fashion brands can utilise some of their items to be inspired through the Women’s Euros to drive traffic to their websites further and build connections with football-related audiences. Plus, the cultural relationship between football and fashion hasn’t been stronger, considering the number of elite football players collaborating with high-end fashion brands.

Amelia Dimoldenberg takes the Lionesses on a Chicken Shop Date

Lioness stars Lucy Bronze and Beth Mead featured on content creator Amelia Dimoldenberg’s chicken shop date series, which revolves around expressing the personalities of Amelia’s guests away from what they’re commonly known for.

Amelia has previously featured other football stars on her YouTube series, including Tammy Abraham, Bernardo Silva, and Jesse Lingard. Therefore, she’s built a strong profile already within the football industry to expand her brand to new audiences.

The Women’s Euros thus far has been a huge marketing spectacle, particularly with the Nike campaign, content collaborations and England’s win against Austria setting an attendance record in the competition’s history of 68,871.

What can other brands learn from this?

This initiative gives the Lionesses the chance to build their personal brands over to casual audiences to the game through a non-sporting personality, which can enhance their marketability moving forward after the tournament.

Ultimately, this demonstrates the key behind athlete-driven marketing is expressing the personality perspective to build better connections with your audience and, more importantly, new audiences. For example, it’s what the UFC has begun capitalising on through their content creation strategy, such as having a series where no MMA questions are allowed to be asked to their athletes.

And that’s a wrap! What piece of content stood out for you?