April 24, 2024


Exercise makes you strong

What will it take for Sajeev to follow a healthy lifestyle? A short story by Debashish Majumdar

What will it get for Sajeev to follow a healthier way of living? His family decides to educate him a lesson…

“Are you ready to participate in the 200m race in the Athletics Working day?” Shantini smiled at her brother Sajeev.

“Yes, didi,” explained Sajeev confidently. “Not only choose element but also gain a prize.”

On the day of the function, Sajeev’s mum, father and sister watched as he huffed and puffed his way to end last.

Observing the tears in his eyes, mum inspired him, “This is not the past race. There will be a next time.”

But at the time Sajeev observed the ice-cream seller, he forgot about the race. He experienced four significant scoops and followed them up with a creamy burger.

His moms and dads and his sister have been anxious about his really like for junk foodstuff, as it experienced led to him getting obese. They designed food items charts for him and tried using to assistance him consume healthy, but absolutely nothing appeared to perform.

A exclusive invite

A single working day, Sajeev came property to find an invitation card waiting for him.

Hi Sajeev Chittaranjan,

We are delighted to choose you as one particular of the individuals in a one of a kind Young Foodies Contest. The winner will get delectable and scrumptious snacks for a lifetime.

The Content Organisers

A question of willpower

The card also gave him facts of the location, date and time of the contest.

On D-day, there was some bad news. “A comprehensive transportation strike has rocked the city,” introduced Shantini.

“Oh no!” moaned Sanjeev, “I have to wander nearly two miles to get to the contest venue.”

Identified to get, Sajeev established off but arrived at the location over an hour late. He was welcomed by a guy with white hair and a bushy beard.

After a handful of assessments, he announced, “Congratulations! You have received the Youthful Foodies Contest.”

Sajeev’s mouth watered, as he browse by means of the extended list of tasty goodies. “You’ll have to gather your prize from Jayanthy Menon at this handle,” said the judge, providing him a card. “Hurry! She’ll near her workplace at 3.00 p.m.”

What is for lunch?

This time, Sajeev ran to the deal with specified. When he made it, he was out of breath. A smiling outdated lady satisfied him. “Congratulations!” she claimed and handed him more than to a bespectacled center-aged male.

“I am Uncle Rajan, a dietician,” the guy launched himself. As he seemed at the list of foodstuff, he claimed, “Hmmm, so this has been your day-to-day foodstuff list. But now your new-search lunch is completely ready and waiting around.”

He handed above a hamper. Sajeev could not consider his eyes. It contained two vegetable sandwiches, a container of curd and a salad of cucumber, tomato, carrot and radish. Sajeev was so hungry that he did not complain.

When he concluded, Uncle Rajan supplied him a elevate again residence. When they reached, Sajeev was astonished to obtain the judge and the outdated woman in the living space.

He was even additional stunned when the choose removed his moustache and beard and the previous lady her make-up and wig.

Surprise! Surprise!

“Mum! Dad! What…?”

“We had no option,” reported his moms and dads. “We’ve been apprehensive about your overall health. Today, you walked and ran to distant venues, despite the transport strike. So you have revealed grit and will energy. Why just can’t you utilize that to your wellness?”

“You weren’t brief of willpower through your race,” pointed out Shantini. “It was the lack of a healthier plan that let you down.”

Father claimed, “Eat healthier foodstuff consistently. Maintain the fast food items to an occasional bite.” Rajan Uncle chipped in, “Add a exercise regime to your every day program as effectively.”

Sajeev listened to them all and nodded. “I guarantee to abide by your advice. And my aim will be to win the 200m race in the following Athletics Working day!”