June 19, 2024


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Review of the KWA MP7 GBB SMG

Airsoft Mp7 | Minimalis

Airsoft Rifle’s very first review was of the Elite Force MP7A1 AEG, manufactured by VFC. Airsoft community members were a bit divided over this brand new release at the time. We wanted to compare it to its predecessor, the MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG by KWA, but at the time didn’t have the resources to do so.

Taking a look at the KWA MP7 A1, which is distributed by Elite Force, and seeing if it’s worth the price tag, we decided to revisit that idea this week.

Initially, it is hard to tell this gun apart from its electric counterpart from VFC. Both the top rail and front grip are monolithic. In addition, both guns have similar controls and sights. How are they different?

It is mostly the size that differs. The KWA MP7 is considerably smaller than the real MP7 from Heckler and Koch. In addition to being smaller than its VFC cousin, the KWA rifle is also 1:1 scale. The 1:1 scale extends to other aspects as well. On the top rail, you will receive fewer stock adjustments and less rail space than you would from a VFC MP7, but the KWA does include side rails (which we disliked about the VFC MP7), which makes up for some of these shortcomings.

Weight is another obvious external difference. The KWA MP7 is significantly heavier than the AEG MP7 due to its gas blowback components and magazine weight (40 for the KWA versus 110 for the VFC). When used in the field, the gun feels smaller and heavier as a result.

As an example, we provide a picture. How does it compare with the ones reviewed here?

A gearbox is not present.

The most significant difference between this gun and VFC’s is that it has a gas blowback. According to our testing, it has an average velocity of between 390 and 410 FPS when powered by green gas. There are several products available to lower the velocity for use indoors or CQB. This makes it slightly difficult to shoot on some fields, but it definitely puts out enough power to be a compact outdoor game play option.

With high grade heavy weight BBs, the KWA easily exceeds the 200 foot mark when shooting. A sweet spot was found between .28 and .32 grams. With every trigger pull it even has a little recoil, so it keeps up with the VFC AEG in terms of performance. Compared to the LM4 we reviewed, it is not as substantial, but this is mostly due to its size.

While it was cold enough to make other gas guns have issues during our testing, we didn’t have any cycling issues with this rifle. KWA’s reputation as a manufacturer of Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns is a testament to their quality, as they always operate well in cold temperatures where others struggle and fail. The gas guns did have some issues with lubrication out of the box, but as long as you do not lubricate them yourself after buying them, you are not really caring for them properly. In our review of the VFC MP7 AEG, we mentioned that even though we liked the firearm, the $400 price tag simply couldn’t justify itself unless you were an explicit collector or fan of the MP7. What about the KWA MP7?

There are two answers to this question.

KWA is much cheaper, at $269.99, but the design is flawed. By definition, this is a gas blowback, so it is a much more niche product. You will have to decide if this gun is worth it to you based on whether or not you want a gas blowback gun and the difficulties they are accompanied by as well as the extended maintenance you’ll have to deal with.