May 25, 2024


Exercise makes you strong

Why riding a bike can boost your brainpower, physical fitness, bank balance, and more

The benefits of cycling | Why bike riding improves your health and more -  BikeRadar

Taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best decisions you ever make when it comes to your fitness, health, or bank balance, as well as environmental concerns.

Having second thoughts about cycling? We have compiled 27 reasons why you should ride a Gravel Bike Bonn, whether you want to improve your health, happiness, or relationships.

Regular cycling can be beneficial to your health

Cycling extends the benefits of exercise deep into your core, according to Bristol University experts.

According to Harley Street gastroenterologist Dr Ana Raimundo, exercise makes stools softer and easier to pass, by decreasing the time food spends in the large intestine.

In addition, aerobic exercise stimulates the contraction of intestinal muscles by increasing your breathing and heart rate. Dr Raimundo explains that along with preventing bloating, these supplements can prevent bowel cancer as well.


Improve your brainpower

Is your gray matter in need of a little sparkle? Take to the pedals. An increase in cardio-respiratory fitness of 5 percent from cycling led to an increase of up to 15 percent of mental performance, according to researchers at the University of Illinois.

It works because cycling builds new brain cells in the hippocampus – the region that controls memory and starts deteriorating after 30.

Increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain helps fire and regenerate receptors, which explains how exercise may be able to prevent Alzheimer’s, says the study’s author, Arthur Kramer.


Take care of yourself

What are the health benefits of cycling? Indeed! You won’t get sick riding instead of eating apples. Cath Collins, chief dietician at St George’s Hospital in London, says moderate exercise activates immune cells, so the body is ready to fight infection.

People who cycle 30 minutes, five days a week, take half as many sick days as couch potatoes, according to research from the University of North Carolina.

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Over 2,400 identical twins were compared by King’s College London, and those who rode just three 45-minute rides each week were nine years younger than those who smoked.

Researchers found that those who exercise regularly are significantly less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Defending itself and regenerating new cells become easier as the body becomes more efficient.


Our planet needs to be saved

The same space can accommodate twenty bicycles and one car. Bike building uses about 5% of the materials and energy used in making cars, and bikes are completely pollution-free.

It is also efficient to ride a bike. With the same amount of energy, you can travel three times faster than walking, and based on the fuel you put in your ‘engine’ you can travel 2,924 miles per gallon.

The reason you are able to drive a car is because of your weight ratio: you are about six times heavier than your bike, but a car is 20 times heavier than you.


You can improve your sexual life by cycling

The US Health and Human Services Department says physical activity improves vascular health, which boosts sex drive.

According to a Cornell University study, male athletes have the sexual prowess of men two to five years younger, and physically fit women will delay the menopause by a similar amount of time.

Research at Harvard University found that cycling for at least three hours a week reduces the risk of impotence among men over 50 by 30 per cent.